Vitamax Cereal Milk Drink

Quench Your Hunger

Whether you are a breakfast person, a fitness buff or an executive on-the-go, find all the nutrients you need in a single slim drink. Rich in calcium, protein, vitamins and dietary fiber, Vitamax combines the benefits of your cereal and milk with a tasty flair kids and adults will love!

Choose one from four enjoyable flavors – Sweet Corn, Chocolate, Strawberry or Banana.


Drop the bowls and spoons. Offering the convenience of an easy meal and the delightful flavours of a rich nutrition plan, Vitamax delivers a wholesome meal standard with its delicious infusion of cereal and milk.

Energy Booster

Stay in an upbeat verve. Giving you an extra kickstart boost without overloading your body unknown sugars, Vitamax nourishes with a lasting dose of glucose, a primary source of energy, throughout the day.

Calcium Certified

Grow stronger bones. Combining a healthy balance of natural minerals and nutrients in a handy drink, Vitamax supplies your bones with enriched Calcium as per US FDA Standards and Australian Food Laws.