About Us

About Mahmood Almas Food & Beverage Trading

Importing a wide range of quality food and beverage products for both retail and food service sectors, we are an inter-disciplined private FMCG distribution company under Pegasus Food Futures, based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


Back in early 2000s, Middle East’s market started to attract key holders from various multi-national companies gathering in the region. Growth in population followed, and in less than a decade, the Middle East has turned from a mere opportunity hub to an oasis of lifestyle for expats and locals.

In United Arab Emirates, a young and influential entrepreneur, Mahmood Almas, embarked on a vision of sustaining proper nourishment for this rising population. Given the agricultural limitations of the region, he founded ways to implement innovative technology that strengthens the local food supply chain.

There came Pegasus Food Futures, and under which, Mahmood Almas Food & Beverage Trading – integrating fresh solutions to the most pressing food supply chain issues not only across the Middle East but also from a global standpoint.

Mission / Vision

As we envision a healthy, sustainable world with food security, it is our aim to be one of the leading consumer good distributors in the Gulf region. Through an excellent implementation of a set of lasers intricately strategized, we target to enable top and bottom line growth year on year.

With this successful strategy execution, we guarantee that our:

  1. Business partners will expand their investments with us
  2. Consumers will appreciate our excellent service and will buy our products
  3. Stakeholders will benefit from the increasing profit
Core Values

Quality: Nourishing a Healthy & Lively life by maintaining highly nutritious products and refined services

Trust: Keeping you Happy & Confident with a transparent report system, sincere assistance and relentless innovative efforts towards success

Ownership: Treating and helming Wise & Responsible decision makers for the best interest of the company and its stakeholders

Discipline: Showcasing Factual & Intellectually Honest results and reports as we work with the scarcity mindset in approaching business

Passion: Seeking to always achieve Better & Higher results with solid commitment and constantly evolving strategies

Our Team



Mahmood Almas is Pegasus Food Futures founder, owner, and Chairman. Now 4 years in the running, Pegasus Food Futures is the result of his efforts: a global hydroponics company that is helping countries around the world reduce their reliance on food imports.


Mohammed Imran Adil

Head of Sales (FMCG)

Mohammed Imran Adil joins us as Head of Sales (FMCG). Born and raised in Hyderabad, he has more than 16 years’ worth of experience in the food industry within the UAE. Over this time he has worked with several international brands.


Jigar Pabari

Accounts & Finance Manager

Jigar is a highly experienced professional with in-depth skills in financial and operational controls, financial reporting, planning, auditing and financial management. His career spans 6 years in India and Middle East from manufacturing to retail. In addition to his financial role, he has also made SOPs and played a key role in software implementation.