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Dive Coconut Water

Coconut water has really only become a thing in the last decade or so, From a consumer standpoint


With a strong emphasis on sourcing from different countries, we are launching Unique Healthy Beverage

Scotts Brand

Our Range of Products includes Mayonnaise, Tomato Ketchup, Peanut Butter, Vinegar, Sauces

Almas Cooking Oil

Brighten up your daily specials with a lighter & healthier dash of Almas Sunflower Oil.

Why Choose Almas Food?
A private owned company managed by Chairman Mr. Mahmood Almas under the name of Pegasus Food Futures


We will offer consumers high quality goods and services that will enable them to enjoy a healthy and lively life.


We act as owners of the business; the company assets are as our own and we act with the company’s long term interest in mind.


We have a healthy dissatisfaction with status quo, constantly seeking to improve. We are leaders in our areas with deep commitment to achieve leadership results.


We believe that all people are seeking to be happy and successful. We believe that an environment of trust will enable our people to find their full potential.


We are accountable for our decisions, and results. We work with a scarcity mindset. We are data based and intellectually honest in approaching business.

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